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Custom Packaging Film Solutions: Forming & Non-Forming Film

Flair's line of PLATiNUM forming films provide the unique performance characteristics required to ensure consistent superior performance in thermoforming packaging applications. They are formulated to delver excellent contact clarity, gloss, and forming properties, in addition to exceptional sealing and cutting characteristics. Ideal for packaging a variety of products including fresh, processed or frozen meats, cheeses, surimi, and frozen seafood.



  • Extruded blow, water-quenched
  • Enhanced puncture resistance, high clarity, and outstanding sealing properties
  • Excellent formability suitable for a range of pocket depths and sizes 
  • Extruded cast film
  • Improved gauge (thickness) consistency
  • Exceptional formability especially suitable for deep-draw processes

Engineered for compatibility with PLATiNUM EB and EC, PLATiNUM coextruded and laminated non-forming films offer the performance characteristics needed to provide superior results in production, through distribution, and throughout shelf life.

PLATiNUM Non-Forming Film

  • Outstanding machinability
  • Exceptional resilience
  • Clean cutting
  • High resistance to wrinkling
  • Excellent hot-tack properties
  • Extraordinary contact clarity
  • Reliable sealing even through contaminants

PLATiNUM thermoforming films offer variety that creates opportunities.

  • Low-barrier, standard-barrier, high-barrier, cook-in      
  • Gauge from 4 mil to 9 mil
  • Standard and custom web widths
  • Variable peeling characteristics
  • Variable seal layer
  • Custom design and printing


Formulated with EVOH, PLATiNUM high barrier films provide a superior oxygen barrier for bacon, smoked meats, non-refrigerated meat products, aged cheeses, and other foods susceptible to oxidative rancidity.



Balanced for strength and sealability, PLATiNUM standard barrier films combine PA and PE to provide reliable oxygen and moisture barrier protection for a variety of meat and cheese products.  Standard barrier films are an economical choice for applications that do not require extended shelf life or high-barrier properties. 



Also referred to as semi-permeable, PLATiNUM low barrier films provide a barrier to water while allowing transmission of oxygen.  This permeability is ideal for packaging products including produce, and fresh red meats (where bloom is desired).

High-Barrier, Cook-In

Designed to protect and perform through the harsh conditions associated with cooking and distribution, PLATiNUM high barrier cook-in films offer strength and stability of an optimized balance of PA, EVOH, and PE layers.  These films are suitable for a variety of cured and non-cured meat and poultry applications. 

In addition to protection and performance, custom PLATiNUM films can enhance product promotion. Flair's expertise in unique combinations of specialty inks and surface finishes create eye-catching colors, contrast, and depth. Flair's proprietary brand color management program ensures incomparable consistency, while spot-on print registration provides sharpness and clarity that makes lettering easy to read and imagery impossible to resist.

To learn more about Flair's PLATiNUM thermoforming films help you protect your product and build your brand, or to obtain samples for testing, contact Flair today.