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Packaging Film Solutions:Thermoforming Films

Flair's extensive stock program includes PLATiNUM family of flexible film packaging for thermoforming applications.

PLATiNUM thermoforming films are formulated to provide excellent formability and shape retention, outstanding gloss, and remarkable contact clarity characteristics. PLATiNUM high-barrier forming films contain optimized levels of EVOH to create superior barrier properties for increased product shelf life, and metallocene to ensure strong dependable seals. The PLATiNUM family of films also includes non-forming films designed to provide the machinability, sealability, and clarity to complement the forming films' performance in any application.




Formulated with EVOH, PLATiNUM high-barrier films provide a superior oxygen barrier for bacon, smoked meats, non-refrigerated meat products, aged cheese, and other foods susceptible to oxidative rancidity.




Balanced for strength and sealability, PLATiNUM standard-barrier films combine PA and PE to provide reliable oxygen and moisture barrier protection for a variety of meat and cheese products. Standard-barrier films are an economical choice for applications that do not require extended shelf life or high-barrier properties.




Also referred to as semi-permeable, PLATiNUM low-barrier films provide a barrier to water while allowing transmission of oxygen. This permeability is ideal for packaging produce and fresh red meats (where bloom is desired).



High-Barrier Cook-In

Designed to protect and perform through the harsh conditions associated with cooking and distribution, PLATiNUM high-barrier cook-in films offer strength and stability of an optimized balance of PA, EVOH, and PE layers. These films are suitable for a variety of cured and non-cured meat and poultry applications.


PLATiNUM forming and non-forming films are available in a variety of gauges with varying barrier properties and peeling characteristics. Custom web widths and structures are also available to meet the needs of nearly any application. 

Flair's stock packaging program provides quality, convenience, and competitiveness for manufacturers of all sizes. To learn more, or to arrange for samples, contact Flair Flexible today.