Pet Food

Like any food product, proper packaging is essential for maintaining freshness and quality of pet food products.  The engineering and design teams at Flair understand the unique challenges of packaging pet food and are continually working to provide the solutions you need to keep your product at its best ... and your customers barking for more! 

Advanced packaging chemistry helps you…

              • Improve product freshness
              • Extend shelf life
              • Retain palatability
              • Maintain nutrient integrity
              • Reduce product losses through filling and distribution

Flair has the solutions for whatever your pet food packaging needs.

              • Dry kibbles
              • Raw pet diets
              • Frozen pet food
              • Retorted shelf-stable pet foods
From indestructible films to irresistible graphics, Flair has the technology and creativity to make your product the best-in-show every time!Click here for our brochure.