Gourmet Snacks

Gourmet snacks are often made of ingredients that require the protection of Flair specialty packaging to maintain the highest level of quality through shelf life.

      • Prevent oxidation that turns chocolate white
      • Minimize exposure to oxygen that can cause nuts to turn rancid
      • Manage moisture that can affect the texture of soft or crispy ingredients

Flair’s packaging engineers understand the unique needs of snack products, and how to meet those needs by optimizing resin blends to create the perfect package for your premium snacks.   

Flair provides graphics support to help you make both your product irresistible to consumers and your sales soar. In addition to custom products and designs, Flair offers a wide variety of stock options for packaging gourmet snacks.  

      • Pouches, bags, and films with barrier properties
      • Ultra-clear, colored, printed structures
      • Glossy and matte finishes

Whatever your product, Flair has the packaging materials
to keep it looking and tasting great!