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About Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation

Founded in 1992, Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation has become a global resource for innovative packaging solutions. With operations in Canada, United States, Mexico, and Korea, Flair is uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of technology and service around the world. More than a packaging supplier, Flair is a packaging partner, working with customers to develop effective solutions for today and innovative advances for tomorrow.

Recognizing the many functions modern packaging serves, Flair is committed to providing materials that improve product protection and preservation, while enhancing product presentation and promotion; engineering that helps products stand up, design that helps products stand out.

For 25-years, Flair has remained focused on customer success by dedicating itself to becoming a resource, not simply for packaging materials, but for the science, service, and solutions that affect every aspect of a product's success in the marketplace. Flair continually goes beyond expectations because Flair consistently goes beyond packaging. To learn how, contact us, or call 920-574-3121 (USA) or 403-207-3226 (Canada).