Stock Packaging Solutions

  • Clear front / printed back high barrier vacuum pouches are perfect for packaging processed meats and other items that need to be packaged in a high barrier pouch. The crystal clear front allows for product viewing all the while providing a great barrier to oxygen.
  • The M-Seal bag style is commonly known as the traditional coffee bag style. However, M-seal bags can be used to package many more items such as cookies, tea, snacks, non-food items and much more. They are available in quality high barrier foil laminations in many colors and sizes.
  • Retort pouches are constructed using high quality film laminations intended to withstand thermal processing. They are available in gold and contain a product safety warning printed in black. They are commonly used to retort package fish and are available in a number of sizes.
  • Flair carries a wide variety of roll stock films in its inventory. Whether your packaging application requires lidding films, forming and nonforming films or films for VFFS or HFFS, Flair is the place to start looking.
  • Flair rotisserie bags include the Deli Solutions line of packaging as well as other stock rotisserie bag designs. Bright and eye-catching graphics coupled with superior films that withstand deli warmer case heat make the Flair deli bags an excellent choice to merchandise many deli food items.
  • Flair stand up pouches are available in a multitude of styles, colors and sizes. Flair has the pouch to meet almost any product requirement.
  • Vacuum pouches have a medium oxygen barrier and are commonly used to package processed meats and cheeses but also are used for other items such as coffee, circuit boards and much more.
  • Flair offers additional products to better serve our customers. Look here for tin-ties, re-seal tabs and additional stock products