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Stock Packaging Solutions: Coffee Bags and Chicken Bags

Flair's family of stock packaging bags can be used to package a wide variety of items such as cookies, coffee, tea, snacks, prepared meals, and non-food items.

Available in high-barrier foil laminations in many colors, sizes, and finishes, stock bags have a bottom seal and a side gusset, with bottom seals that can be made with or without a V-seal or V-cut. The side seal can be made as a center back fin seal, an edge fin seal, or a 4-corner post seal (quad seal). One-way degassing valves, reclosable zippers, and tin-tie closures are also available.

Our bag stock packaging solutions include:

Our stock program is administered through four warehouses located in North America, giving customers multiple shipping options.

To learn more, download our stock bags brochure, or contact Flair today.