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Stock Packaging Solutions: Plain Coffee Bags

Propel your brand with our high quality M-Seal bags. Typically known as the traditional coffee bag, these bags can also be used for a variety of food products like cookies, tea, and snacks, as well as non-food applications like household products and small parts and pieces.

Available in high-barrier foil laminations in many colors, sizes, and finishes, these specialized bags have a bottom seal and side gussets that expand to hold a product, and a quad-seal style with a bottom V-seal to provide added reinforcement and product protection.

M-seal coffee bags are available in a variety of popular colors and sizes.

To learn more, download our stock bags brochure, or contact Flair today.


- Medium (12-16oz Coffee) Plain M-Seal Bags                      - XL (5lbs Coffee) Plain M-Seal Bags                          - Tall M-Seal Bags

- Large (32oz Coffee) Plain M-Seal Bags