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Lawn & Garden Packaging Solutions

Lawn and garden products such as seeds, fertilizers, compost, and potting soil possess unique characteristics that require specialized flexible packaging solutions to ensure consistency and quality.

  • Pin holes: allow air to enter the package and support ongoing metabolism or other oxygen-related reactions
  • Barrier properties: protect oxygen-sensitive products from damaging oxidative reactions
  • Slip factors: added to film to provide optimum coefficient of friction (COF) and ensure consistent machinability through forming and filling, and increase stability through stacking, shipping, and storage. 

Flair also offers a variety of convenience features that make your product easy for consumers to use and impossible for them to resist. Flair's innovative custom packaging designs and specialized rotogravure printing deliver eye-catching graphics that improve consumer engagement and help make your brand bloom.To learn more about lawn and garden packaging or request samples, contact Flair today.