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Flair Adds to New Versatile Film Offering to LiDynamics Lidding Film Program

ESPT221-67 is the newest addition to Flair Flexible Packaging's growing LiDynamics Lidding Film program marketed under the TruPeel brand of products. This new versatile structure offers high barrier properties in a peelable format and is suitable for packaging products such as dips, sauces, soups, condiments and other specialty prepared convenience meals. Especially suited for high pressure pasteurization (HPP) processes, ESPT221-67 offers superior oxygen and moisture barriers post HPP processing due to the special construction of the film composition. Additionally, ESPT221-67 carries high clarity characteristics and seals through contamination under a wide range of temperatures. The film is offered as a stock offering available with quick lead time and superior customer service. It can also be printed using Flair's high quality rotogravure printing technologies for superior graphics.

LiDynamics Offers Both Convenience and Innovation

Flair Flexible Packaging's LiDynamics Lidding Film program offers food processors the convenience of lidding film options to meet nearly any application from a single packaging partner. These films are engineered by a dynamic and innovative team of packaging engineers housed in Flair's Calgary, Canada operation. LiDynamics currently offers over 20 types of lidding films with a broad scope of performance characteristics under its TruSeal, TruPeel and RePeel brands that meet nearly any tray or cup lidding application.


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