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Flair Flexible launches first valved store drop-off coffee bag

Valved ENVi bag pre-qualifies for How2Recycle in store drop-off label

Flair Flexible Packaging is introducing its PE mono-material coffee bag at this year's Private Label Manufacturers' Association (PLMA) trade show in Chicago, Nov. 11-13. The first bag to prequalify for How2Recycle store drop-off labels with valve intact, Flair's ENVi bags are specifically designed for the challenges of packaging roasted coffee.

Made with white, high-barrier films for UV, oxygen and moisture protection, ENVi coffee bags feature a one-way degassing valve for an optimized internal environment and strong seals for leak-free package integrity. Designed to balance sustainability with protection and performance, Flair's ENVi bags are the first comprehensive solution for coffee packaging.

"Qualities that make a roast unique start to change almost immediately after they're achieved, so packaging them becomes a fine balance of keeping the right compounds in while letting the undesirable ones out. This balance is easier with conventional packages because you combine multiple materials for the desired performance. For coffee, this involves a foil layer, multiple types of plastic for printing, adhesion, durability," explains Flair's Director of Technology, Hanil Lee. "The innovation behind ENVi is that it stays true to its PE mono-material construction, without losing the high level of protection and finished appeal that coffee needs to stay competitive."

Originally launched in 2017 with one format and two film structures, Flair's new coffee bag is just the latest addition to its ENVi Recyclable program of PE solutions. Today, the ENVi program has expanded rapidly to include a variety of pouch formats, white & clear film structures in high and standard barriers, a selection of recyclable features, and more.

Leveraging 30 years of industry experience and vertically integrated value chain, Flair collaborates with brands to understand their unique sustainability goals and customize solutions for achieving them. From custom printing with full graphics support to making "not yet recycled" materials thinner, lightweight or metal-free, Flair offers comprehensive services for sustainable brand ambitions, from start to finish.

Connect with Flair or see the ENVi coffee bag at PLMA, booth #F8706 in the Food & Beverages section of the Sky Hall for more details.


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