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Flair Flexible debuts Real Touch, Paper tactile packaging at Expo West

Real Touch Paper Sample Pouch Image

Appleton, Wis. March 2, 2022 -

Flair Flexible is introducing the latest addition to its tactile packaging program for the first time at Expo West, booth #N236. An advanced alternative to conventional kraft pouches, Flair’s Paper innovation offers the natural look & feel of paper, without the material & costs of paper laminations.

Flair Team Standing at Flair booth
Flair Team at NPEW 2022

Real Touch, Paper combines texture with the durability & performance of films for lasting finished appeal that resists blemishing or discoloration paper shows through distribution & handling. Flair’s Paper tactile solutions are fully customizable, featuring classic styles like kraft & rice paper or unique ones like parchment or newsprint for artisanal feel.

"The growing focus on naturalness and 'authenticity' makes paper appealing for brands to convey these at first sight," notes Flair’s VP of Marketing & Design, Samju Kwon. "Visuals are critical for competing on the shelf, whether it's highlighting product advantages or windows that let quality speak for itself. Real Touch, Paper gives brands more creative flexibility than conventional paper, without sacrificing important factors like shelf life or product safety."

Suitable for customized pouch and bag formats, the Real Touch range of tactile solutions also features coarse options such as wood & burlap with full or partial texturization. Flair also offers comprehensive support & services for your packaging challenges, including recyclable formats, custom printing with full graphics support, and technical services for tailored performance that extends shelf life while keeping labels clean.

Learn more about Real Touch, Paper or connect with us to request a quote or samples.


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