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Flair Flexible's Enhanced PLATINUM+ Thermoforming Films Boost Efficiency and Cost Savings

APPLETON, WI. May 12, 2020 - Flair Flexible Packaging is introducing PLATINUM+, a performance-enhanced advancement on its original thermoforming film program. Engineered to offer a wider operating window, PLATINUM+ films offer business a premium solution to common challenges in thermoformed packaging, at even lower cost.

"It's a very operator-friendly film. It doesn't require the time, material and product costs associated with adjusting the film or machine settings," says Mike Conrad, Flair's Applied Engineering Field Supervisor, "the film forms good pockets, has short seal times, better film coverage and distribution - it's highly user-friendly." Whether a machine is at the top or bottom of the operating temperature range, Flair's PLATINUM+ offers consistent, premium presentation through tight formability, advanced pocket definition, and even wall thicknesses for both deep and shallow drawing,and non-forming films with reduced curling and improved lay flat characteristics, PLATINUM+ offers an enhanced experience for both processors and their consumers.

Coupled with improvements to the exceptional clarity and gloss that characterized Flair’s original program, PLATINUM+ thermoforming films offer an ideal solution for both retail and industrial applications, cheese products, fresh or processed meat, surimi, tofu and more. Suitable for fresh and frozen applications, PLATINUM+ thermoforming films are available in high and standard barriers through Flair's extensive Stock Program, and may also be developed in custom structures, sizes, and gauges for unique applications. All custom products offer access to a full-suite of complementary services at no added cost, including Flair’s in-house Innovation Center, featuring a fully-equipped Technical lab for product and structural analysis; an Application Lab housing specialized equipment for performance simulation testing; as well as an Applied Engineering Team for on-site technical support and servicing Flair's films on customers' machines.


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