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Foodservice & Institutional

Protection throughout your value chain, across a longer shelf life.

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Converting Facility

From rotogravure printing to pouch & bag converting, our integrated Converting Facility is equipped to finish packages with superior shelf appeal, functionality & end-user convenience.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Reliable protection for fresh quality & integrity.

Thermoforming Films
Roll Stock Films
Vacuum Bags
Vacuum Bags
  • Compatible with industrial chamber machines

  • Tight, reliable vacuum for oxygen-free environment

  • Durable, abuse-resistant structure for reliable protection & integrity

  • Over 65 stock sizes in 3mil, 4mil & 5mil thicknesses

  • Technical Service & Development for custom solutions​

    • Structures, sizes & thicknesses tailored to products​

    • Optimized structures for sous vide & other cook-in applications

Cheese & Dairy

Extend fresh textures, flavors and aromas.

HFFS Films
VFFS Films
Thermoforming Films
Lidding Films
Thermoforming Films
  • High barrier options for both forming & nonforming webs

  • Wide operating window for consistent, efficient performance

  • Enhanced heat resistance for superior lay-flat & wrinkle-free appeal

  • Consistent pockets with even side walls for reliable barriers

    • Advanced corner definition with tight formability

  • Technical Services & Development for custom solutions including easy peel features

Liquids & Spreads

Leak-free integrity with enhanced functional appeal.

Lidding Films
Roll Stock Films
Hot Fill Films
Hot Fill Films
  • VFFS films engineered for foodservice & industrial applications

  • Optimized for filling temperatures up to 100*C

  • Exceptional hot tack strength to withstand product weight & temperature

  • Strong seals through grease & residue

  • Leak-free performance through processing, distribution & handling

  • Technical Services & Development for custom solutions 

    • Barriers optimized for product & shelf life ​

    • Applied Engineering services including failure analysis, on-site diagnostics & more

Dry Ingredients & Mixes

Extend freshness of dry and powdered ingredients. 

Roll Stock Films
DTR Dual Barrier Films
DTR Oxygen & Moisture Barrier
  • Premade pouch formats or roll stock for VFFS & HFFS

  • Lightweight, metal-free structure with dual barrier performance for superior oxygen & moisture protection

    • Moisture protection prevents clumping in powders

  • Exceptional high barrier performance to rival metalized laminations

    • Transparent alternative to foil, VMPET for superior product visibility & consumer appeal

    • Alternative to ALOX & other coatings for superior durability & product organoleptic

Coffee & Tea

Balanced environments for flavor and aroma.

Pouches & Bags
Roll Stock Films
ENVi Recyclable
Stock Products
ENVi Recyclable
  • Pre-qualified for How2Recycle® store drop-off labels

  • PE mono-material bags specifically optimized for coffee 

    • High barrier for exceptional oxygen & moisture protection 

    • White films for UV-resistant opacity 

    • One-way degassing valve compatible with PE stream 

  • Store drop-off recyclable with valve, no detaching necessary 

  • Optimized for premade pouch formats

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