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Add touch to your packaging

Our Real Touch innovation is a proprietary technology for adding texture to your packaging designs. 

The first interaction a consumers has with your brand sets the precedent for future interactions. Make a lasting impression with texturized finishes & sharpen your competitive edge on the shelf. 

Suitable for

Pet & Animal Care

Real Touch

​Add texture to structures optimized for your product, process & shelf life specifications for comprehensive performance with maximum differentiation. 

  • Developed for food & nonfood applications

  • Economical solution for superior differentiation 

  • Suitable for most film substrates

  • Available in premade pouch formats

Flair Brand Solutions

Explore our market-driven solutions & customer-focused innovations

Real Touch Paper

From classic favourites like kraft & rice paper to faded parchment for an authentic artisanal feel, our experts collaborate with you on paper styles that fit your brand & product positioning. 

  • Look & feel of paper without material & cost of paper laminations

    • Improved sustainability over conventional kraft

  • Eliminates vulnerability of paper to wrinkles, blemishes through distribution & handling 

  • Superior customizability over paper 

  • Compatible with most film substrates

  • Available in premade pouch formats 

Let us know 
how we can help.

Connect with us to request a quote, film samples, or support with finding an optimized solution for your packaging challenge. 

Services & Support

Our packaging specialists collaborate with you to customize solutions for your unique specifications. 

Printing & Design

  • Available with full or partial texture

  • Unique custom window designs

  • Full graphics support & services 

    • Texture consultations​

    • Adding texture to existing designs

Technical Service & Development

  • Vertically integrated Innovation Center for complete product development

  • Custom structures for unique product, process & shelf life requirements

  • Lightweight structures to reduce material, enhance sustainability 

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