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Flair Brand Solutions

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Application Lab

From pioneering structures for unprecedented performance to texturizing brand designs and end-user testing, our experts collaborate with your brand to develop solutions that help keep your process lean & efficient, while extending shelf life and maximizing appeal.


Our LiDynamics program features an extensive array of lidding films to offer a compatible solution for your tray/cup substrates. 

Strong seals through grease & residue offer reliable product protection throughout your value chain, and across a longer shelf life. Engineered with a wide operating window for high speed machinability, LiDynamics films boost operational efficiency with minimal downtime and start-up costs. 

Our products are FDA, USDA & CFIA compliant and are managed through our FSSC 22000 certified food safety management system. 

Suitable for

Dips & Spreads
Prepared Foods
Pet Food
Baby Food
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Lidding Films for Cups & Trays

Key Features

  • Smooth peelability around tray perimeter

  • Universal ESPT & EXPT for easy inventory management

  • EXPT221-72 combines HPP-resistant seals with easy peelability 

  • Permanent weld seals for hermetic package integrity

  • Anti-fog options for clear product visibility under refrigeration

  • Breathable structure for whole or pre-cut fruits & vegetables

Easy Peel

Lock Seal


Program Details

Services & Support

Our packaging specialists collaborate with you to customize solutions for your precise specifications.

Printing & Design

  • Clear, unprinted master roll options

  • Custom print with full graphics support & services

  • 10-color flexographic & rotogravure printing 

    • Gloss, matte & partial matte finishes ​

Technical Services & Development

  • Optimized retort structures including foil, ALOXPET

  • Customized laser scoring for tailored OTR values 

  • Lightweight structures to reduce material, maintain performance

  • COF, peel strength & other properties tailored to unique requirements

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