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Stand out from inside the freezer case with superior brand appeal.

ENVi Recyclable
Lidding Films
Vacuum bags
Thermoforming Films
Roll Stock Films
Pouches & Bags
Stock Products
ENVi Recyclable
  • PE mono-material structures pre-qualified for How2Recycle®’s store drop-off label

  • Suitable for dry, non-sticky & non-greasy products

  • Optimized for premade formats up to 3lbs

  • Available with selection of recyclable features

Shelf Stable

Protection & appeal that endures extreme conditions.

Stand-Up Pouches
Lidding Films
Flat Pouches
Stand-Up Pouches
  • Available premade or roll stock for VFFS & HFFS applications

  • Wide range of structures to meet product, process & shelf life requirements, including: 

  • custom metalized structures for retort processing ​

  • White film for improved opacity & product coverage 

  • Extensive convenience features including various zippers, vents, handles, & more

  • Includes microwaveable options, various zippers, vents, valves & more


Exceptional optics for clear advantage in the case.

Lidding Films
Thermoforming Films
Stand-Up Pouches
Vacuum Bags
Lidding Films
  • Easy Peel structures for smooth, consistent peelability 

    • Universal structures compatible with most machines & tray substrates ​

    • Specialized HPP structure combines strong pressure-resistant seals with easy peel convenience 

  • Lock Seal for permanent weld seals 

    • Includes structures for hot fill & HPP 

    • Anti-fog options for clear product visibility under refrigeration

Prepared Foods

Match form with function for maximum convenience that adds superior value to your brand & products.

Application Lab

From pioneering structures for unprecedented performance to texturizing brand designs and end-user testing, our experts collaborate with your brand to develop solutions that help keep your process lean & efficient, while extending shelf life and maximizing appeal.

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