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Converting Facility

From rotogravure printing to pouch & bag converting, our integrated Converting Facility is equipped to finish packages with superior shelf appeal, functionality & end-user convenience.


Packaging Features

Extensive selection of features to deliver a convenient experience that adds value for end users


Vents & Valves

Easy Open





Re-closable convenience to fit your product, package format & end-user applications.

Press-to-close zipper

  • Classic reclose experience for end users 

  • Suitable for most pouches & bags 

    • Premade formats available pre-zippered

  • Terminated gusset style on side gusset bags 

Hook & loop zippers

  • Interlocking design seals through residue in zipper area 

    • Ideal for powders, crumbs, frozen products & more​

  • Range of sizes for bag dimensions & volume 

  • Terminated gusset style on side gusset bags 

Pull-tab zipper

  • Pocket zipper style with tear-off tab 

  • Suitable for side gusset bags with full or terminated gusset 

  • Popular ​for coffee, pet food, flour & other dry applications

Child resistant zippers

  • Various closing mechanisms & opening strengths 

  • Includes options for most pouch & bag formats 


  • Available  in range of sizes & styles 

    • Includes black, white gold & more ​

  • Premade formats available with pre-applied tin-ties 

Vents & Valves

Maintain quality & nutritional integrity while bringing focus to unique advantages of your brand & products.

One-way degassing valves

  • Various diameters & degassing rates 

  • Options for ground & whole bean coffee including aroma release 

  • Pet food options including transparent peel & stick 

  • Leak-resistant valves for fermented products including kimchi, sauerkraut & more

Self-venting valves

  • Valves to release steam through microwave cooking 

  • Designed for steam-in-bag applications 

  • Suitable for most pouch & bag formats 

  • Available with cool grip seals or safer end-user handling 


  • Micro-perforation laser scoring for tailored OTR values 

  • Options for breathable applications including fresh fruits & vegetables ​

  • Macro-perforations & pinholes for 40lb bulk applications

Easy Open

Appetizing shelf appeal with barrier performance that keeps your products crispy & crunchy, across a longer shelf life.

Tear notches

  • Easy-open feature suitable for most pouch & bag formats 

  • Popular for on-the-go applications 

  • Available with or without zipper


  • Directional tear options for straight, easy tearing without tear notches or laser-scoring 

  • Laser-scoring for straight tear with or without tear notches

Easy Peel

  • Custom laminations for pouches & bags with easy peel opening 

    • Popular for coffee, snacks & other convenience applications ​

  • Extensive range of easy peel lidding films for tray & cup sealing applications